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What's next?

Thank you for your submissions. Council received a report on the consultations and considered submission feedback at a Council meeting on 6 April 2022. At this meeting Council resolved to sell the land at 351 St Kilda Road.

Council is currently offering the property to the market for sale by expression of interest.

Project background

The City of Port Phillip is proposing to sell a piece of land located at 351 St Kilda Road, St Kilda.

The subject site is a small reserve (346 square metres) located in St Kilda and was created as a result of road widening carried out in the 1970s. Previously, it was occupied by an engineering business that closed in 1965. Council owns this land and has managed and maintained the site since 1970.

Council proposes to sell the land on the open market, by Expression of Interest, on terms acceptable to Council, and with an abated price should the purchaser develop the land for social and/or affordable housing.

The site is currently underutilised and doesn’t function well as an open space due to its limited accessibility, proximity to heavy traffic and poor connectivity to other open spaces.

The site is included within a General Residential Zone (Schedule 13 of the Port Phillip Planning Scheme) and is not listed on the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria Priority Sites Register or located within the vicinity of any listed site. The site contains a small electrical box in the south-western corner; otherwise, there are no major services located on the site.

Council sought feedback from the community on the proposal to sell the site. All feedback will be collated and presented as part of a report to Council for consideration in November 2021.

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