This consultation has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the concept design for the EcoCentre proposed redevelopment. We have used this feedback to inform the next stage of the design, which you can view below.

Construction is anticipated to start in April 2023 and to be completed by mid-2024.

For more information and further project updates please visit the Port Phillip webage.

The EcoCentre delivers sustainability education, services and support to our Port Phillip and wider Melbourne community. Over the past 15 years, its programs and services have increased substantially to support more than 19,000 participants annually.

The City of Port Phillip has a long-standing strategic partnership with the EcoCentre which includes the provision of annual funding and a five-year lease agreement for use of the premises in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.

The current EcoCentre building has reached the end of its structural life and is no longer fit for purpose. A new building will increase the EcoCentre's ability to deliver sustainability programs, meet compliance requirements, and provide a leading example of environmentally sustainable design.

We have been working closely with the EcoCentre to develop designs for a proposed redevelopment of the site. The delivery of this project is subject to partnership funding.

To maximise partnership funding opportunities the redevelopment may need to be delivered in two stages. Partnership funding for the first stage will deliver a modern fit-for-purpose building to meet the current level of service, while partnership funding for the second stage will accommodate expanded programs and services, and increased community use.

The updated design builds on the key themes identified as a result of our community consultation including:

  • aesthetic appeal of the redevelopment balancing the modern and heritage elements
  • incorporating sustainable building practices
  • functional and multi-use spaces.

Changes to the floor plans have improved functionality and incorporate better circulation internally and externally. This includes:

  • changes to the shape and configuration of the multipurpose room and the smaller meeting room will now include an additional storage room
  • adjustments to door and window locations as well as circulation spaces for visual access and improved functionality
  • minor amendments to service / plant rooms based on equipment sizes.

The current set of drawings shows more detail of proposed materials along with plantings and has incorporated your individual suggestions.

View the updated design

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