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City of Port Phillip's Accessibility Action Plan 2022-25 is our commitment to improve the equitable participation and inclusion for people with disability within our community. Our vision for this plan is to strengthen the Port Phillip community as a place in which people with disability feel valued and have a positive sense of belonging.

The original Accessibility Action Plan duration was set for a three-year period (2022 – 2024). With consideration of the endorsed Access and Inclusion Plan 2019 - 2021 extension, the duration of the Accessibility Action Plan has been set to include 2025.

What's next

Our work so far

We consulted with you in July/August 2021 to help shape actions for the new Accessibility Action Plan. Findings from our initial community engagement in 2021 indicated themes for further exploration such as enhanced mobility, strengthening opportunities to participate in community life, and access to information and participation in local decision-making. The community engagement report with findings from the initial round is published online in the Document Library on this page.

Port Phillip staff consultation was also held in 2021 and yielded themes such as increasing the representation of people with disability in our workforce, building organisational capability and ensuring an accessible and inclusive workplace.

In 2022 a more targeted approach helped to further explore these themes, conducting two focus groups facilitated through a local community program Voice of the South Side (VoSS). The sessions identified that there was a sense of increasing gentrification that was adversely impacting the experience of inclusion of people with disability. Concerns were raised about rationalisation of services in the community.

Interviews with service providers/community organisations were also held in 2022. The aims for these interviews were to understand issues experienced by organisations in designing and delivering services, and programs for people with disability, and to gain insight into how Council can best work with these organisations. There was a variety in qualitative responses with a few issues warranting further consideration, such as ensuring community awareness of available services, and individuals’ ability to access and navigate support services.

Next steps

We are now refining the proposed actions for the new plan with internal stakeholders at Port Phillip and need to revise our timeline to get the draft plan ready for further community consultation. We anticipate the following revised timeframe for the development of the new Accessibility Plan for your feedback:



Development of draft Accessibility Action Plan (includes further stakeholder engagement)

Council consideration of release of draft Accessibility Action Plan for community and staff feedback

November 2022

Community consultation on draft plan (‘Have Your Say’)

November/December 2022

Consolidate community consultation feedback and finalise the Accessibility Action Plan

January 2023

Council endorsement

April 2023

Launch the new Accessibility Action Plan and commission an Easy English version

May 2023

Lodgement of the Accessibility Action Plan with the Australian Human Rights Commission

May 2023

Our commitment to accessibility and disability inclusion

Whilst development of our new Accessibility Action Plan is underway, the current Access and Inclusion Plan will remain in place until such time Council endorses a new Accessibility Action Plan. Council has endorsed the extension of the current plan at the council meeting held 1 December 2021. For more information about this endorsement, please view the Council meetings page.

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