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Engagement on this project has now closed. Thank you to everyone for joining the conversation and providing their thoughts.

Findings from the community engagement will inform development of the draft Strategy.

You can now:

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Help shape our Art and Cultural Heritage Strategy

The City of Port Phillip provides a range of art and cultural heritage services. To ensure we're meeting the expectations of our community, we want your feedback on your experience of art and cultural heritage services in our City.

A strategy for our art and cultural heritage services will capture the community's vision for the future of these services and identify the actions to achieve this.

About the Port Phillip City Collection

Comprising contemporary and historic art, heritage furniture, photographs, memorials and monuments, public art and civic material, the PPCC tells stories of the history of the municipality, its cultural identity, its artistic legacy and contemporary practice.

It recognises the people and places which contribute to the City of Port Phillip's heritage and unique character. Council acknowledges the significant Indigenous identity, past and present, of the area now comprising the City of Port Phillip in numerous ways, one of which is through collection of contemporary art.

There are two main collection themes - Art and Heritage, with a number of sub-collections - Public Art, Memorials and Monuments and Corporate Collection.

3 April Media Enquires and Articles of Interest

Media Enquiry – Greg Day of TWISK asked questions about Council’s Visual Art & Cultural Heritage Strategy

“If the Carlisle Street space will no longer be available to exhibit my work, where else can I exhibit?

Some other options for artists to exhibit their work include Linden New Art - Linden Projects Space, Brightspace, Gasworks Arts Park - Venue Hire List, Space2b Social Design and Stranger Gallery. (Wording taken from HYS page).”

Where can I find the info about proposed/possible changes to CSAS?

Media Response – to be attributed to Port Phillip Council Mayor Heather Cunsolo

While the Visual Art & Cultural Heritage Strategy is under development, expressions of interest for individual artists to exhibit in the CSAS are currently not available. For the time being, the gallery is partnering with groups or organisations such as with Space2b for the current exhibition, and an application form will shortly be made available for future collaborations.

The draft Visual Art & Cultural Heritage Strategy will consider future direction of the Carlisle Street Arts Space and the recent consultation has been a key part of that development.

The content on the Have Your Say page was not intended to foreshadow any changes to the gallery, but rather to provide alternate resources for artists looking for individual shows while this work is underway.

Ways to join the conversation

You can join the conversation by:

  • Completing the survey below, between 20 February and 5 April.
  • Chatting to us in person at a community pop-up (see dates and locations listed on the right).

There will be a further opportunity in October for you to provide feedback on the draft Strategy, once it has been developed.