Thank you for your interest in this project. We are currently reviewing your feedback.

We welcome your comments on the final landscape design including a few options for the play equipment. Complete the survey by 13 December.

What's in the park design?

Features of the design include:

Making the park feel larger

The design of the nature strips and removing the triangular bluestone garden bed aims to open the current lawn area across the footpaths and into the nature strips and make them feel part of the Park. Garden beds along Charnwood Road and Crimea Street will provide a buffer to vehicle traffic, especially for children.

A new playground and improved access

The playground is proposed to consist of both nature play and traditional elements and will provide for climbing, swinging, balancing, rocking and nature-based imaginative play. The grass mound will be raised to incorporate a slide with rubber play embankment and natural stone staircase.

A concrete pathway from the Charnwood Road side will provide access into the park and playground - to a paved area with seating and an accessible rubber soft-fall path into the playground.

More and improved furniture

New concrete and timber seat walls will surround the paved area. Three Council-standard park benches and a picnic setting will be installed on concrete pads and will provide locations to sit quietly away from the playground. The existing chess table will be relocated and installed onto a concrete pad. Rubbish and recycling bin enclosures and a drinking fountain are new additions.

More and improved planting and trees

The design includes numerous new and improved garden beds with robust and attractive plantings. The existing garden beds will have the bluestone edges removed and will be re-planted.

The existing grass nature strips will be planted with new lawn, garden beds and trees to enclose and enlarge the Park, act as a buffer to the roads and increase biodiversity. New trees will provide shade.

Some of the existing exotic trees and plants will be removed as part of this project and any trees to be removed will be subject to Council’s formal community notification process.


Council is upgrading Chipton Park (formerly Crimea Reserve) to maintain Council’s commitment to “extend, connect and diversify our open space network to cater for increased demand” (Council Plan Direction 4.1C) and “to provide and maintain vibrant outdoor play spaces that create opportunities for fun, adventure and learning for all” (Council Play Space Strategy 2012).

Two stages of community consultation were run in October 2017 and March/ April 2018 to give the community the opportunity to provide ideas and feedback on the landscape upgrade.

The key themes for improvement identified in both community engagements were:

  • Access to the reserve
  • Playground design and materials
  • Facilities
  • Seating
  • Shade


Tell us what you think of the final design

The final design has evolved in line with your feedback from the previous three stages of community engagement.

We’d like to check in one more time before we finalise our construction documents and get your response to the following key questions about the Play Space.

Privacy statement: All responses are anonymous and no IP addresses are tracked. Any feedback made via this questionnaire may be published and used as part of Council promotional materials. Please contact the Open Space team on 9209 6777 for any queries.

Thank you for your interest in this project. We are currently reviewing your feedback.