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Climate Change is one of the most pressing social challenges of our time. Increased hot days, more frequent and intense storms, rising sea levels, and less rainfall will impact how we live in the future.

Our Act and Adapt Strategy outlines our commitment to creating a greener, cooler, more liveable City, but we can’t do it alone.

Your input and ideas can help to shape the Climate Response Plan that will guide the way we implement the actions in our Act and Adapt Strategy, and support you in preparing for the impacts of climate change.

Tell us how we can support you to prepare for the impacts of climate change by:

  • Completing the online survey.
  • Post your ideas, or vote and comment on other suggestions.

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How prepared are you for the impacts of climate change?

Personal information is being collected by Council for the purpose of providing a demographic snapshot of contributions to the Climate Response Plan. Any feedback provided may be published and used as part of a Council report. Requests for access and or correction of the information should be made to Council’s Privacy Officer via ASSIST on 03 9209 6777 or email

What impacts of climate change have you experienced in Port Phillip? Select all that apply.
Have you made any changes to prepare for the impacts of climate change? Select all that apply.
How prepared are you for the following impacts of climate change?
Not at all
Moderately prepared
Very prepared
Don’t know
Disruption to transport services
Disruption to electricity supply
Storms and high wind events
Increased cost of electricity
Increased costs for food and water

What is your postcode?

To help us understand which actions will be most beneficial to our community we’d like to understand if you currently rent or own your residence?

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