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Council owns and manages a range of different properties that support services and programs for our community. As owner and custodian of these properties and assets, we are undergoing a significant review of how we manage, maintain and lease to address significant issues we face now, to ensure a sustainable property portfolio that will deliver benefits to the community and Council into the future.

We are developing a new property policy to ensure a sustained approach to managing our properties so that, as our community's needs evolve, we continue to meet these needs into the future.

Why we need a new policy

  • Our properties and assets are ageing and we lack a clear plan on how to manage and maintain the assets
  • Our population is growing and needs are rapidly changing – we need to be able to plan now for the future
  • Our leasing and allocation of properties is not financially sustainable and lacks equity and transparency; and
  • Our current property policy is over 10 years old and does not reflect best practice or the changing community, environmental, financial, technological and legislative environment.

Please help us by completing the survey. Feedback closes 9 May 2019.