Parking smarter with digital parking permits

Later this year, we will be making the change from physical stickers to digital parking permits, for registration-based parking permits. This means instead of displaying a resident, combined, or foreshore sticker on your vehicle, your parking permit will be registered digitally, making it easier for you to manage your permits online via My Port Phillip. We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Our priority is to enhance the parking permit process, making it more manageable and efficient for you.

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Here's what's happening with parking permits:

  • No more stickers:

    We're moving to a digital parking permit system. Instead of putting a sticker on your car to show you're allowed to park, everything will be on the computer.

  • Simple transition:

    Your old parking permits are already saved on our system, so we're just updating things to make it better. No more waiting for new stickers.

  • Quick check for parking officers:

    Our parking officers will use their gadgets to check if cars parked on the street are allowed to be there, all without needing to look for stickers.

  • For visitor permits:

    Visitor permits will remain physical paper permits that must be displayed on your vehicle dashboard to ensure clear visibility for our parking officers.

  • Checking on cars yourself:

    You will be able to check for yourself if vehicles parked in your street have a valid permit, via a new online look-up. The lookup will only tell you if the vehicle has a valid permit for the City of Port Phillip.

  • We're here to help:

    If you're not sure how to use the computer for this, no worries! Our friendly teams at St Kilda Town Hall or Port Melbourne Town Hall will show you how to do it. Or you can call us at 03 9209 6777.

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