The Car Share Policy has now been adopted by Council.

The Car Share Policy and Guidelines 2023-2028 were adopted by Council on 19 April 2019 with the proposed new and updated settings included in Attachment 1 and 2 below.

A summary of the changes is available on Council's website.

The Car Share Policy 2023-2028 aims to increase the use of car share across the city through the ongoing development of a network of easily reached, well distributed, affordable car share vehicles.

Proposed new and updated settings, considered through the community engagement process, were generally supported and include:

  • the introduction of a coverage target for car share vehicles within the city,
  • vehicle usage targets,
  • targets for membership excluding those under 18,
  • changed emission requirements to improve access to a variety of vehicles including electric car share vehicles,
  • expanded consultation process and higher fees for new car share bays in activity centres,
  • trial of “floating” car share vehicles in new locations, with a three month review,
  • strengthening of siting criteria to address barriers identified through consultation, and requirement for increased promotion of car share by providers.

Car Share Policy and Final Engagement Findings (PDF 502 KB) – Report 10.3
Attachment 1 – Car Share Policy 2023-2028 (PDF 326 KB)
Attachment 2 – Car Share Guidelines (PDF 475 KB)
Attachment 3 - Car Share Engagement Report (PDF 944 KB)
Attachment 4 – Port Phillip Car Share Review (PDF 2.69 KB)