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Council’s vision in relation to the Live Music Action Plan is to be:

  • A City where live music flourishes, with a robust and passionate live music ecosystem and a solid foundation for a sustainable future where live music is able to continually grow.
  • A City where the musicians and audiences, the venues and the schools, the public spaces and the rehearsal places, and our residents and businesses work together to support and create a diverse, dynamic and accessible live music scene.

Do you support this vision?

This draft Plan comes at a crucial time for live music in the City of Port Phillip. The local live music scene isn’t what it used to be and may not be again – however, it is still thriving in different ways.

The draft Plan outlines ways Council can work with our residents and businesses to grow and support a harmonious environment for live music, as well as the challenges that come with this.

These challenges will be Council's main priorities when working towards the best possible outcome for live music in Port Phillip.

The following question relates to whether or not you support these priorities. More information about the specific actions Council is proposing to address these priorities can be found on pages 8 to 13 of the draft Live Music Action Plan.

Listed below are Council’s priorities/challenges in relation to live music in Port Phillip. Do you support these priorities?
Seek opportunities for live music within our priority precincts.
Break down barriers for musicians wanting to perform in Port Phillip and maximise opportunities for musicians, businesses and audiences to connect.
Welcome live music events and venues in a densely occupied municipality.
Maintain role as a regulator while also encouraging maximum live music opportunities.
Stand out as a city of music festivals, welcoming the events and their audiences while ensuring compatibility with our communities.
Increase accessibility to live music and performance, including those events and gigs on public space and in private venues.
Reinforce the view of Council as a supporter of live music, building trust by improving our transparency and clear communications.
Ensure access and music-focused services for young people.
Equip musicians with the tools to create, perform and prosper.
Build a diversity of music events that cater to a range of genres, cultures and audiences.
Encourage more music within public space, aligned with Council’s Public Space Strategy.
Acknowledge and celebrate our cultural heritage of live music.

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