About the project

We have created a draft ‘Fair Access in Sport’ Policy and Action Plan to support women and girls in sport. Between 9 February and 24 March 2024, we are seeking club and community feedback.

This project is in response to the Fair Access in Sport Policy Roadmap developed by the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, in partnership with Sport and Recreation Victoria and VicHealth.

In May 2023, a survey was sent to sports clubs in Port Phillip, asking about participation in sports for women and girls. 57% of clubs responded to the survey. We heard that:

  • There are less women and girls participating in formal sports than for men and boys
  • There are a low number of women in committee roles and coaching roles
  • There are currently no senior women’s cricket teams in Port Phillip
  • Most sports clubs consider the fairness of facility allocations (e.g. sportsground, court, pitch, training nets) for women and girls sport when planning their schedules.

We used information gathered from our previous survey with clubs (mentioned in 'What's happened so far', above) to guide the development of this draft Policy and Action Plan.

This includes a focus on:

  1. Providing community sports infrastructure and environments that are genuinely welcoming, safe, and inclusive.
  2. Ensuring women and girls can fully participate in all aspects of community sport and active recreation, including as a player, coach, administrator, official, volunteer and spectator.
  3. Adopting and implementing gender equitable access and use practices for all community sport infrastructure.
  4. Ensuring sports clubs in our community engage women and girls in leadership and governance roles.

We will also use the survey results to track future changes that happen because of the Policy and Action Plan.

Read the draft 'Fair Access in Sport' Policy & Action Plan

The draft Policy outlines our commitment to support women and girls to have fair opportunities to engage in sport.

The draft Action Plan identifies how Council and clubs can support change, including removing barriers for women and girls to participate.

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'It's time for fair access' short video

Watch this short video to find out about the Fair Access 'Roadmap'. Read the full Roadmap document in the 'Useful Documents' section of this page.