The feedback from this engagement has been reviewed and the proposed amendments to outdoor dining fees have been endorsed.

The Engagement Summary Report alongside the Footpath Trading Fee Policy report was presented to Council at the meeting on Wednesday 15 May 2019 where the proposed amendments were endorsed.

The new fee structure will be introduced from 1 July 2019. One example of the changes we have made include the introduction of a new ‘Revitalisation’ rate for outdoor dining for any businesses where there is:

  • A reduction in the average retail rent of businesses, informed by valuation data commissioned by Council annually, and
  • A 20% or greater vacancy rate of ground floor commercial tenancies.

Proposed amendments to the outdoor dining fee policy

The activation of footpath areas provides approximately 400 businesses with additional exposure and patron capacity, while contributing to the vibrancy of our streets.

The increasing popularity of outdoor dining has prompted a review of the current 4-tier fee structure to ensure these fees remain equitable for traders throughout our city. Proposed changes include introducing a new fee structure consisting of 22 individually rated areas and reducing the rates charged for outdoor dining against average retail rents of each area by 5%.

Council wants to encourage outdoor dining to increase vibrancy of retail areas and support the local businesses. We currently support traders outdoor dining with:

  • interest fee part-payment plans where footpath trading fees are greater than $800.
  • the ability to trade with different quantities of furniture for high and low seasons to reduce the cost of footpath trading fees.

New incentives are proposed to support traders and encourage the uptake of outdoor dining opportunities, including discounting fees for the first year where outdoor dining has not previously occurred and providing discounts to traders affected by major building works and streetscape upgrades.

The new fee structure is only applicable to the outdoor dining fees for tables and chairs (e.g. will not change the fees for a-frames and displays of goods).

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Council is reviewing all feedback received and compiling it into a report that will inform any potential changes to the fee restructure.

Privacy Statement: The personal information provided in this survey is being collected by Council for the purpose of providing a demographic snapshot of contributions to this project. Demographic data allows Council to assess whether it is providing all areas of the community with an opportunity to become involved and be heard. Your personal information will be used solely by Council for this primary purpose or directly related purposes. Demographic data may be published and used as part of a Council report. Providing us with this information is optional. For more information contact Council’s Privacy Officer via ASSIST on 9209 6777.

This survey is closed and we are currently reviewing all feedback received.

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