In July 2016, a planning application was lodged for the construction of a new eight-storey building on the Greyhound Hotel site. The proposed development would involve complete demolition of the existing hotel building.

There is currently no Heritage Overlay applied to the site, and no planning permit is required for demolition. A building permit for demolition has been issued and accordingly, the building and associated heritage fabric is considered to be at immediate risk of loss.

At its Meeting of 13 December 2016, Council tabled a petition containing over 2,000 signatories that requested Council to investigate and act upon options for the retention of the Greyhound Hotel.

Consequently, the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) formally requested the Minister for Planning to approve Amendment C144, to provide interim heritage protection for 1 Brighton Road, St Kilda (The Greyhound Hotel site) whilst Council commissions a detailed heritage assessment of the site. Council has not yet received a response from the Minister.

Council is now undertaking a cultural heritage assessment for the Greyhound Hotel. This assessment will determine the potential for permanent heritage controls for the site.

Council have appointed Context Heritage Consultants P/L to undertake the heritage assessment. Community consultation is a key component that will inform the heritage assessment (particularly relating to the social and historical significance of the place). The information you provide, together with other information, will be used to prepare a comprehensive heritage assessment of the Greyhound Hotel.

The venue is now currently vacant and no longer operating as a hotel with the owners of the Greyhound Hotel announcing its immediate closure on 6th January 2017.

The planning permit application was refused on 18 January 2017 by Council’s City Development Department, under delegation. Further information on the grounds for refusal can be found here on the City of Port Phillip website - Greyhound Hotel Update