Connecting with your Council and the community

This consultation has now closed

Do you feel connected to Council and your community?

The City of Port Phillip is exploring how we connect and communicate with our community so we can make our communications better now and into the future.

We are now reviewing the feedback received in this survey.

What's your preferred way to stay connected?

This consultation has now closed. Feedback from the survey will guide the development of our future communications.

What do you think Council should be communicating regularly with residents about? You can tick multiple options. Required
How do you currently find information about Council services, decisions and events? Required
Always find information
Sometimes find information
Rarely find information
I don't try to find information
In the Divercity magazine
In a letter/flyer in your mailbox
By mail
By phone
On the City of Port Phillip website
On the City of Port Phillip social media
Form Council advertisements in the Port Phillip Leader newspaper

Drag and drop your preferences (1 being most preferred and 6 least preferred)

  1. By mail #
  2. By email #
  3. By phone #
  4. Council's website #
  5. Divercity magazine #
  6. Council's social media #

We'd like to ask some questions about Divercity Magazine

Please tell us about your experience of Divercity magazine Required
It's a positive influence
It's no influence
It's a negative influence
I don’t read Divercity magazine
In general, how does Divercity influence your opinion of Council?
In general, how does Divercity influence your connection to your neighbourhood?
What gender do you identify with? Required
Please indicate your age Required
Which suburb do you live in? Required

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.