The Inkerman Safe Travel Corridor has been identified as a priority as it has the greatest potential to reduce pedestrian, bike rider and driver crashes. It also has the potential to attract new bike riders.

If completed, it would create a continuous protected corridor to the CBD by connecting with the Victorian Government’s St Kilda Road bike lanes.

The design process for the corridor will consider protected or painted buffered bike lanes that run on Inkerman Street between St Kilda Road and Hotham Street.

Protected bike lanes shield bike riders from both moving traffic and people exiting parked cars, while painted buffers provide more space between moving traffic and people exiting parked cars. They also shorten crossing distances for pedestrians and slow traffic making the street safer for all road users.

There are four key objectives of the Inkerman Safe Travel Corridor:

  • increasing safety for all road users
  • attracting a broader range of people, of all ages and abilities, to ride a bike
  • increasing travel choices by providing a safe alternative to public transport and cars
  • minimising and mitigating parking loss and maximising tree retention.

Where are we now?

On 5 May 2021, Council endorsed a recommendation to proceed with preparing three concept plans for the Inkerman Safe Travel Corridor with the intention of undertaking community consultation.

The Council report and minutes from the Council meeting held on 5 May 2021 are available from Council’s website

Stay up to date

Community engagement is central to this project’s development. We want to hear from residents, businesses, bike riders, pedestrians and drivers, and anyone who moves around our City. As this project progresses, more information will be shared with the community. "Follow" this page to register for updates on this project and be notified of future consultation.