This project has now been completed. For more information visit Council's website.

We sought your feedback on the draft concept design for the play space upgrade between November and December 2018. We are currently reviewing your feedback.


The 2012 J.L Murphy Reserve Master Plan recommends the play space should be updated with a new playground that is better positioned within the reserve and to develop natural play spaces that connect with the playground and other key elements within the reserve.

This upgrade maintains Council’s commitment to “extend, connect and diversify our open space network to cater for increased demand” (Council Plan Direction 4.1C) and “to provide and maintain vibrant outdoor play spaces that create opportunities for fun, adventure and learning for all” (Council Play Space Strategy 2012 vision).

The first stage of community consultation was held in late 2016. The ideas and suggestions resulting from the first stage of community consultation informed the draft concept design. The most popular themes for feedback were:

  • Inclusion of natural play elements
  • Upgraded play equipment for various age groups and abilities (especially older children)
  • Fitness equipment
  • Basketball half court
  • Climbing and spinning play equipment
  • Trees and planting

Next steps

Council will collate your comments and use it to direct the final concept design which we'll present for comment in early 2019. For more information contact the Open Space team on 9209 6777.



Thank you for your interest in this project. We are currently reviewing your feedback.