Safety Improvements Trial at Kerferd Road

In response to a community petition, Council resolved at an Ordinary Council meeting on 1 July 2020 to trial traffic safety improvements at the intersection of Kerferd Road, Herbert and Montague Streets, Albert Park, including closure of the median, for an 18 month period*.  

On 22 September a counter-petition with 200+ signatures objecting to the trial was lodged with Council. Council officers also received calls and emails from individuals opposing the trial. Due to the local government election/ caretaker period, the counter-petition was formally presented to the newly elected Council on 18 November.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held 2 December 2020 Council considered the proposed Kerferd Road Safety Improvement Trial, community feedback (including the two petitions), and the findings of an independent road safety audit Council commissioned to support decision making.

It was decided by Council at this meeting to proceed with a six-month trial of temporary traffic management measures and painted lines. This will include closing the central median to motor vehicles, consistent with the findings of the independent Road Safety Audit.

Council will evaluate the effectiveness of the trial by using a combination of data collection, community feedback and analysis.

Effectiveness is based on fulfilling the purpose of the trial to:

a) deter through traffic

b) encourage compliance with the speed limit

c) improve the safety for people walking, bike riding, and driving, on these local streets.

The meeting minutes and resolution will be available on Council’s website at once they have been completed.

The next step is for Council officers to undertake the works to implement Council’s decision at the meeting. We will keep you informed as details and timeframes are confirmed.

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In June 2020, Council received a petition regarding safety issues at the intersection of Kerferd Road and Montague/Herbert Streets, with 26 local resident signatories. The petition follows a history of concerns raised by the local community regarding this specific intersection, as well as safety concerns about the entirety of Kerferd Road. Over the most recent five year period (1 January 2015 to 31 December 2019),23 crashes were recorded along Kerferd Road, plus five at the intersection of Kerferd Road and Beaconsfield Parade, and 11 at the intersection of Kerferd Road and Canterbury Road.

In response to this petition, the Council resolution states that Council:

  1. Notes that DELWP have provided in-principle agreement to fund the temporary works required to improve safety at the intersection of Herbert St, Montague Street and Kerferd Road, as detailed in point two (2) below, and leveraging of other external funding sources should these be offered prior to installation.
  2. Installs temporary kerbing and any required regulatory signage as a trial at the intersection of Kerferd Road with Montague and Herbert Streets, subject to DELWP funding, with the purpose of deterring through traffic, speeding and improving safety for people walking and bike on these local streets. This trial will be for 18 months, with the potential to extend for a longer period.

For the full resolution, see the meeting minutes.

* These works align with the objectives of the Shrine to Sea project announced by the Victorian State Government in 2018 and will be partially funded by the project, with the remainder of costs funded by Council. The $13 million Shrine to Sea project is led by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning working in partnership with City of Port Phillip, Parks Victoria and the Department of Transport. It will enhance the safety and amenity of the boulevard that stretches along Albert and Kerferd Roads, from St Kilda Road to Beaconsfield Parade. The evaluation of the trial at Kerferd Road will be used to inform the final design of the Shrine to Sea project.