Thank you for your interest in this project. Consultation on the opening hours has concluded and we are currently reviewing your feedback.

Next steps

At the Council Meeting on 21 March 2018, Council endorsed a Motion to continue to operate the Middle Park Library in its present branch-library format while libraries undertake a broad, service-wide future planning exercise.

This Motion included several interim changes to Middle Park Library, many of which have been completed:

  • Consistency of staff. As with all Port Phillip library branches, staff are rostered on a rotational basis. There is a team leader responsible for this branch, supported by a small group of regular staff. We will endeavour to make this group as consistent as possible within the occasional logistical challenges.
  • A new door counter has been installed to collect visitor data, replacing the manual process maintained by staff.
  • The a-frame sign for the branch has been updated to improve visibility from the street. Further investigation for additional signage options on or around the building to increase awareness is ongoing.
  • Library staff will continue to review the library collection to improve the breadth of resources to match user expectation (e.g. increasing the children’s collection).
  • Following delivery of these interim branch improvements, preliminary work will commence on the forward plan for the whole library service, addressing local and future community need, and identifying future service delivery options across the whole municipality.
  • In mid-2018 feedback on potentially realigning the opening hours at Middle Park Library highlighted a strong community preference for consistent hours. In early 2019 the hours will be realigned to a more consistent block of 2 pm – 6 pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturday opening hours will remain (10 am – 2 pm).

These changes will be introduced as an initial six-month pilot to enable continued review and assessment. Library users will still be able to provide feedback, either in-branch or online.


In 2017, Council commenced our first round of engagement, proposing refocusing the Middle Park Library to provide improved access to digital resources, multimedia equipment and software in a collaborative working space. Feedback received during a community consultation period that ran between November 2017 and February 2018, indicated that while there was some support for the proposal, most participants were not supportive of the plans.

In late 2018, further engagement sought community feedback on the potential to realign the spread of opening hours, which are due to take place in early 2019.

The key outcomes from this second round of engagement included:

  • The need for consistent opening hours
  • Opening hours best suited to family groups and after school and work access (i.e. 2-6 pm)
  • A strong preference for the current Saturday morning opening hours to continue

For more information please contact the Project Team at or via ASSIST on 9209 6777.