We're back out and about in our wonderful neighbourhoods throughout May for a chat and to hear your feedback on a number of topics, including Year 2 of our Council Plan and our draft Budget 2022/23.

As our City's population grows, we need to plan for challenges such as urbanisation, climate change, technological advances, transport and parking.

Your feedback is a vital part of our planning for the future, and helps us make decisions for a City that remains a beautiful, liveable, caring, inviting, bold and real place for everyone. We want to have regular and meaningful conversations on topics that matter to you; we know you’re busy, so we'll come to you, to places where you live, work and play.

This month we're seeking your input on proposed changes to:

  • Council Plan (Year 2) and draft Budget 2022/23
  • how we work out rates (draft Rating Strategy 2022-25)
  • how we manage waste (draft Waste Management Strategy 2022-25)

We'd also love to know what you think of our draft Enterprise Asset Management Plan (EAMP), as well as feedback on draft outcomes for a new Creative and Prosperous City Strategy.

Visit our Document Library for copies of the draft documents and other information.

How can I get involved?

Get involved by checking out the dates to the right and seeing when we'll be popping up in your neighbourhood over the next few weeks.

You can also:

  • provide your feedback by taking our survey - click on the Take our Survey tab below
  • make a submission - click on the Make a Submission tab below.

We’re listening. Let’s continue working together to help shape our City.

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