Update: Engagement Summary Report now available

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this project. You can now read the engagement summary report here to find out what we heard from the community.

Who did we hear from?

During November 2023, 257 community members had their say on this project.

Who were they?

  • 56% female, 38% male and 2% non-binary participants
  • 38% of participants were aged between 35-49 years
  • 7.4% of participants said they speak a language other than English at home
  • 7.4% of participants identified as LGBTIQA+
  • 5.4% of participants identified as a person with disability
  • 2.7% of participants were from an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background.

Where were they from?

The majority of participants live near Acland Street, with:

  • 64.2% of participants from St Kilda
  • 10.89% of participants from Elwood
  • 7% of participants from Balaclava
  • 6.23% of participants from St Kilda West.

How did they have their say?

  • 230 online surveys
  • 27 visits to pop-up conversations.

About the project

Acland Street has been a well-loved shopping strip in our City, and we want to reinvigorate this precinct with a great range of businesses that our community and visitors will love to shop at. We want to hear from you about your current shopping behaviour on Acland Street, as well as the kinds of businesses you'd like to shop at in future.

We're implementing a Retail Mix Mapping project which will provide insights to landlords and real estate agents recommending the ideal tenants for Acland Street (from Acland Plaza to Carlisle Street) based on shopping behaviours. The findings from this project will inform recommendations for Council to consider supporting as part of its reinvigoration efforts.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the proposed mix – as well as what would benefit Acland Street in general. We will be keeping the community informed as changes occur in the space and look forward to supporting the street as it enters its next era.

Council is aware of the varied and complex challenges on Acland Street, and we have been working with a variety of stakeholders on planning for the future of the precinct.

There remain many dedicated, quality traders in Acland Street who serve the community with passion each day. Council wants to ensure they are being supported as well as working through the challenges that will allow the street to enter its next era.

Council is working hand in hand with the police, housing agencies and social services in relation to the amenity issues impacting the Street, particularly at the Plaza end. While this is being addressed, we are also applying our focus to other actions that can make a positive impact for Acland Street.

Areas we are currently investigating include:

  • Activation
  • Vacant shopfronts
  • Stakeholder engagement (community, landlords, traders, music venues, arts organisations)
  • Financial levers (permits, rates, penalties, incentives)
  • Hospitality (outdoor dining, pop-up venues)
  • Landscaping
  • Furniture
  • Signage
  • Parking
  • Promotion/Marketing
  • Cleanliness
  • Graffiti mitigation.

The Retail Mix Mapping project is one of several steps we are taking to reinvigorate Acland Street.

Join the conversation

Join the conversation in person

We chatted with the community about this project during November at the following times and places: