Project Update

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback in February and March 2024 about the FOGO service. We have reviewed all your feedback and created a report to inform our internal waste and communications staff to help inform the ongoing service delivery and to shape future engagement.

Reviewing our FOGO service for houses and townhouses

Food and organic material makes up almost half of the waste our households send to landfill. And as it breaks down, it produces methane – a greenhouse gas that is significantly more potent than carbon dioxide. Our FOGO recycling service allows residents to prevent this from happening. Not only does FOGO recycling reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it results in compost and soil conditioner that is then used on Victorian farms. This means that today’s food and garden waste will grow tomorrow’s fruits and vegetables.

On 20 June 2022 Council endorsed the Don’t Waste It! Waste Management Strategy (2022-–2025). The strategy sets out how we will transform our current waste and recycling services over the next four years to best serve our diverse and expanding community. A key part of this included the introduction of additional recycling services including separated glass and FOGO.

Now we would like your feedback on how the FOGO service is going for you, to ensure that we are providing an effective service that meets your needs whilst delivering on the targets outlined in Don’t Waste It! 2022-25. We are seeking feedback from residents in houses and townhouses that received the fogo service in January 2023. By sharing your feedback, you can enter the draw to win one of four $50 gift cards.

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