Project Update

Thank you to the residents, visitors, community organisations, and businesses who shared their feedback during the community engagement period from September to October 2023. Your feedback helped shape the next stage of the St Kilda Tringle project. Community feedback indicated there is majority support for a live music and performance venue, including strong support by representatives of the Traders Associations for Acland Street and Fitzroy Street. You can read the St Kilda Triangle Community Engagement Summary Report here.

Councils passed the following recommendations at their 6 December 2023 Council Meeting:

  • To advocate to the Victorian Government for investment in a business case for a new live music and performance venue on the St Kilda Triangle site, with a possible contribution from Council to the business case to be confirmed.
  • A project budget of $110k for officers to engage with the market to discover what interest there is in investing in a new live music and performance venue and understand the level of funding contribution that is possible.

You can read the full Council Report and the meeting minutes here.

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The next round of engagement will be in 2024.

About the project

The St Kilda Triangle, located next to the Palais Theatre in St Kilda, is a unique opportunity as one of Melbourne’s last bayside renewal sites, set against our iconic foreshore. At a public meeting in September 2022, Council decided to look into the feasibility of a live music and performance venue development on the site.

Since then, a multi-disciplinary team has been working to assess demand for a live music venue in St Kilda. A Market Sounding Report outlines the local demand for a 5,000 person live music venue. A Design Feasibility Study has also been undertaken which includes developing preliminary design options to test how the venue, plus other uses such as parking and public outdoor space, would fit on the site and support the broader neighbourhood.

The Design Feasibility Study presents an indicative site layout demonstrating how a live music venue can be accommodated on the site, with opportunities for a new park, outdoor event space, complementary uses and car parking, that also creates better connectivity to our foreshore and respects key views.

The St Kilda Masterplan was endorsed by Council in 2016. Unfortunately, due to the State Government’s decision not to proceed with the NGV Contemporary at the St Kilda Triangle, Council was unable to progress with implementing the Masterplan that was adopted in 2016.

While planning for the future of the area has been underway, Council has supported several large events on the site with the aim of activating the area. These events range from live music performances to circus events and design competitions.

We now have an opportunity to explore other options for the site to ensure St Kilda is an even more vibrant, active and appealing place to live and visit.

We will develop a report that documents everything we heard from you during the engagement period. The report will be available via this webpage.

Your feedback will be used to help us inform the development of design guidelines and/or a site plan that would form the basis of possible future procurement and strategic planning activities if Council elects to proceed with the project.

In December 2023, Council will be presented with a report and decide on the next steps. The report will outline community engagement findings, outcomes of additional feasibility work and recommendations from Council Officers.

If Council decide to continue this project, the next stages of the project will include:

  • Development of design guidelines or a development plan
  • Additional community engagement based on updated designs
  • Development of operational strategies and procurement plans.