Continuing the Adventures at St Kilda Adventure Playground

We are getting ready to upgrade the St Kilda Adventure Playground. We want to make sure this beloved community space continues to be somewhere local children can adventure, imagine, make friends and connect to nature.

What is the plan for the playground?

In 2024, Council will engage in several ways with children, their carers and members of the wider community who have a connection to this adventure playground.

The playground will be co-designed from February - April with children who use or may use the playground in the future. Later in the year, the community will have the opportunity to view and give feedback on the draft designs that children have helped to develop.

Construction to upgrade the playground is planned for mid-2025. While access to the grounds will be closed during construction, we're committed to continuing the services for children who use the space during this time. We'll be talking to carers about what this might look like in the coming months.

The St Kilda Adventure Playground upgrade will make sure that this much-loved space is here for future generations of children, and will:

  • offer risky (but safe) play with staff to support this
  • be accessible, safe and welcoming for all, meeting Australian standards (Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance and CPTED best practice)
  • connect children to nature
  • be designed with children at the centre
  • have a unique look that recognises the past and looks to the future.

These commitments were endorsed by Council in July 2022 - you can read the full commitments here.

Children who use or may use the space in the future will co-design the upgrades with the adventure playground designers in interactive and fun workshops.

Carers of children who use the space can share their insights into the functions and accessibility of the upgraded adventure playground, and what the services might look like while we're building the playground.

Community members who have a connection to the adventure playground will be invited to be involved in celebrating and saying goodbye to this chapter of the playground and welcoming in the new!

Everyone will be able to see and give feedback on the draft concept design of the playground later in 2024.

A noticeboard will be placed at the entrance of the playground. Any updates, information, key dates and opportunities to be involved will be shared here, as well as on this project page.

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Ways to join the conversation

You can join the conversation by:

  • Sharing your Playground stories below, until 20 December 2024.
  • Telling us your idea for farewelling the old equipment, before 20 December 2024, for a chance to win a $50 voucher.
  • Completing a survey on this page in mid-2024 (dates TBC).
  • Chatting to us in person at a community pop-up in mid-2024 (dates and locations TBC).

What's your idea for farewelling the old playground equipment?

The upgrade will mean changes to the playground equipment. Tell us your idea for how the community could celebrate and farewell the old equipment in a meaningful way, to go into the draw for a $50 voucher. There are two vouchers to be won by 20 December 2024. (max 140 characters).

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8 May, 2024

Jane Laver says:

“To keep the aesthetic non-generic, to keep it feeling handmade, like a place where magic can be found. No generic metal equipment please!”

16 April, 2024

Thomas says:

“"It's really, really fun. It's a very special place to me. My favorite is the treehouse. I would survive in it in a zombie apocalypse." 7yrs”

21 March, 2024

@strictlydt says:

“Keep the soul alive! The real risk of ground, wood, bark and concrete. No over protective plastic. Also allow the kids to help paint it too.”

26 January, 2024

Jody (6) & Eva (5) says:

“Our idea is bring back the plane, just put it on the floor! And please replace the big tunnel slide. Another trampoline would be nice. Thxs”

9 October, 2023

Tom says:

“Community bonfire night - maybe on the winter solstice….. to celebrate that things were made of wood, with splinters not plastic and metal.”

9 July, 2023

nikitajain86 says:

“My daughter and I have always loved being a part of this wonderful playground. All the activities and clay, kitchen, garden programs are ama”

25 April, 2023

cliff says:

“Have a 'wishing tree' in the playground, where kids hang a note, on colourful string, wishing for what they would like in their play area :)”

18 April, 2023

Adele A says:

“Please ! Leave some riskyness! There can be no plastic! It's awful to think that those hand made type things would go :((”

13 April, 2023

Sam says:

“Can you just re- build them exactly the same for example replace the old plane with a new one. Ask the kids what they want and build it. ”

22 March, 2023

Ruby says:

“Invite people back to walk around and say goodbye at a formal farewell, taking photos of people amongst the equipment who went there as kids”