Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the concept plan for TT Buckingham Reserve. We have used this feedback to finalise the design.

About the project

We are upgrading the T.T. Buckingham Reserve playground as part of our Playground Renewal Program. In recent years, the playground equipment has started to decline and some elements have been removed. This upgrade will ensure that in addition to meeting the Australian Safety Standards, the playground will continue to be a safe and fun place for our community to enjoy.

Feedback from our community consultation has informed the design process and allowed us to prepare a final design..

For more information about this project visit the City of Port Phillip website.

Flying Fox

We completed an upgrade of the TT Buckingham Reserve playground and surrounding areas in April 2021 as part of the 2012 Play space strategy. A flying fox was included in the initial design, though was later removed due to mixed community feedback.

During construction, local residents submitted a petition to Council to reinstate the flying fox back into the design. Council resolved to investigate the flying fox project and approved the installation which was confirmed in the 2021/22 budget and is now being installed.

What's in the final design?

Features of the final design include:

  • New play structure with a variety of play equipment such as slides, climbing nets, bridges, monkey bars, track glide, balance pommels, small climbing wall, tunnels, interactive panels, low ball basket hoop and cubby play under decks.
  • Sand play area with accessible raised table, rock and log edging.
  • Senior and junior swing frame with basket and toddler seat.
  • Rocker and spinner.
  • Picnic area, seating benches and informal seating logs and large stone.
  • Drinking fountain.
  • New garden beds with shrubs and ground cover planting and new tree planting.
  • Irrigation to oval, grass mounds and new garden bed areas.
  • Path connection to Sandridge Ave.
  • Half court basketball with noise reducing backboard, seating, four square and hopscotch line marking.

What informed the design?

Two stages of community consultation were undertaken in 2019 to give the community the opportunity to provide ideas and feedback on the concept plan. You can find out more about each stage of consultation below.

In May and June 2019 we asked the community how they used the park and ideas on how to improve it.

They key themes for improvement identified in the community engagement were:

  • Increase the diversity of the playground equipment to better cater to a range of abilities and ages.
  • Maintain a social function in the space for the local community and improve sitting and gathering opportunities.
  • Improve existing basketball court facilities.
  • Provide additional recreational sport opportunities including junior footy posts.
  • Improve landscaping and tree planting.

You can read a summary of the feedback received in the community engagement report.

Following a review of community feedback a concept plan was developed and presented to the community for feedback in September 2019.

Overall the concept plan was received positively.

Key feedback received for the concept plan included:

  • Basketball court to be relocated closer to its original position.
  • Reduce the amount of concrete paths / entry points.
  • Existing entry point on Enterprise Ave to be retained.
  • Maintain / improve trees and landscape.

TT Buckingham Reserve final design