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The TT Buckingham Reserve playground is being updated as part of the Playground Renewal Program. As part of these works there is an opportunity for other minor upgrades.

We’d like you to tell us what you like or don’t like about the reserve. Your feedback will be used to guide upgrade options for the space.

You can provide feedback below, or by coming along to a drop-in session at the park on Saturday 1 June or Wednesday 5 June.

Feedback closes Sunday 16 June.

The design will be developed over the next year, and there will be opportunities for you to provide feedback at each phase of the design process.

Tell us what you think!

Complete the survey below, or meet the project team at the park to provide your feedback.

Thinking about TT Buckingham Reserve in general

How do you use TT Buckingham Reserve now?

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In mid-2019 Council received a petition calling for TT Buckingham Reserve to become an off-leash dog space. Whilst the playground will remain a dog-on-leash area, we are interested in your views on making the park a designated off-leash space.
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Strongly agree
TT Buckingham Reserve should be an off leash space.

This could be something unique about the setting, or an activity that it provides.

Thinking about playgrounds in general

What do you consider important when choosing to visit a playground?

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Thinking about the playground at TT Buckingham Reserve

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