Help shape our West Beach boardwalk

Community engagement on this project has now closed, and the concept plan has been updated based on the community feedback received.

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback. An engagement report of these findings can be found here.

The finalised landscape plans can be found here.


The total reach of this project was 3,901 people, including:

  • 2,838 views of the City of Port Phillip’s social media pages
  • 368 visits to the Have Your Say page
  • 25 survey responses
  • 8 people following the Have Your Say page
  • 8 social media comments
  • 3 further stakeholders provided feedback via email.


When participants were asked whether there was anything we had missed in the Concept Plan,

  • 21% of participants said they did not think we had missed anything, and
  • 79% of participants highlighted further areas for consideration.

Feedback broadly fell into the following themes:

  • Accessibility
  • Signage
  • Amenity
  • Environment
  • Heritage.

Further detail of this feedback can be found in the Engagement Report.

What do the construction works include?

Council is undertaking an upgrade to the St Kilda West Beach boardwalk to create a safer, more accessible passage. The current boardwalk does not currently connect to footpaths, meaning accessibility can be impacted.

This will make St Kilda West Beach boardwalk accessible for all in our community to enjoy.

Proposed construction works include:

  • an accessible ramp and boardwalk connection from Pier Road to the existing West Beach boardwalk
  • additional recycled plastic seating
  • a staircase and handrails to meet current Australian Standards and concrete pavement
  • a new concrete balustrade to match existing heritage feature
  • new native vegetation garden beds 
  • new timber post and rail fence along Pier Road (to be delivered as part of the Pier Road and Bay Trail Safety Upgrade project).

Site map - click each hotspot for location of proposed works

Aerial view of West Beach boardwalk

Concept Plan

​Concept plan for St Kilda West Beach boardwalk

Concept plan for St Kilda West Beach boardwalk