Maintaining annual Community Grants program at $280,000 and discontinuing 'quick response' Neighbourhood Grants program

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Proposed change: to maintain funding for Community Grants program at $280,000, and discontinue funding for 'quick response' Neighbourhood Grants program

Saving to Council in 2020/21: $66,250 ($20,000 for Community Grants, $36,00 for Neighbourhood Grants, $10,250 for Small Poppy)

Maintaining the Community Grants program at $280,000 (which is in line with 2019/20 grants expenditure) would result in a $20,000 saving for 2020/21. Maintaining the Community Grants program at this level may result in a minor reduction in the programs that could be delivered by community groups and organisations, as grant allocations would not increase to reflect any increase in program costs.

The Neighbourhood Grants (intended to be combined with the Small Poppy Grants in 2020/21) are ‘quick response’ grants of typically less than $1,000 throughout the year, until the allocated budget is expended (Neighbourhood Grants - $36,000 and Small Poppy Grants - $10,250).

Neighbourhood Grants applications are open all-year round, to allow for programs / initiatives outside of the annual grants program application timelines. Funding is available to support individuals and groups that deliver community based initiatives to enhance local neighbourhoods. If this program is discontinued, an option remains for Council to reserve a minor portion of the annual community grants funding to provide for ‘quick response’ grants to be allocated (aligned with the intent of Council’s Community Funding Policy).

What are your thoughts on maintaining annual Community Grants program and discontinuing Neighbourhood Grants program?

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