Consultation on the draft Community Engagement Policy has now closed. Thank you to everyone for your contributions.

We're lucky to have an engaged and passionate community with a deep well of knowledge and lived experience. Your contribution allows Council to have a greater understanding of diverse points of view, values, concerns and priorities when making decisions and enhances Council’s capacity to make well-informed, acceptable and sustainable decisions on behalf of the community it represents.

Community engagement involves having conversations and working with people in our community who are interested in or may be affected by Council’s decision-making. It also provides opportunities for our community and Council to learn together and build shared knowledge through experiences, actions and learnings.

Our Community Engagement Policy demonstrates the City of Port Phillip’s commitment to facilitating genuine and transparent opportunities for the community to provide feedback and inform the decisions made by Council, and to drawing on the community's expertise to co-design solutions and build shared ownership and responsibility for outcomes.

What's happened so far?

Through our first consultation on this policy in February and March 2020, we discovered that the way Council engages with you is important. This engagement must be meaningful, robust and effective; it should provide genuine opportunities to engage with local decision making and impact how Council responds to community issues and concerns.

We also learnt that engagement with Council adds to a feeling of community belonging and connectedness. How we engage should be inclusive, representative and a critical ingredient in staying informed and sharing a vision. We've listened to this feedback, and incorporated this into our draft policy, which we asked for your feedback in December 2020.

What's next?

Your feedback will be shared with Councillors in January 2021, to inform any changes to the draft policy prior to a final policy being presented for adoption at the 17 February 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council. If you would like to attend or speak about the Community Engagement Policy at this Council Meeting, visit the Council Meetings page on Council's website at for more information.

You can download the full draft Community Engagement Policy here.

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Why do you think community engagement is important?

How does community engagement contribute to planning for our City's future?