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Council Plan and Budget (Year 4)

About the Council Plan and Budget (Year 4)

The Council Plan sets out the long-term vision for City of Port Phillip. It ensures that our key strategies, services, projects, and initiatives align with our community's priorities. It also addresses changing community expectations and needs, plans for population growth, and waste management.

Each year we review our Council Plan and create an annual Budget. The draft Council Plan and Budget (Year 4) documents will be open for community feedback from 18 April until 13 May 2024.

Key measures in our draft 2024/25 Budget include:

  • a proposed average rate increase of 2.75 per cent, within the rates cap and below inflation. As the 2023/24 Budget’s 2.8 per cent average rate rise was lower than the rates cap, this Budget’s proposed rise will be calculated off this lower figure
  • a 2.72 per cent rise in the default waste charge to $203.60, which follows rising waste costs being experienced by all councils
  • efficiency savings of $1.5 million, providing for a total of $6.4 million in permanent savings to be delivered over this Council’s four-year term
  • project investment of $133 million to maintain, grow and improve services and assets (including over $44.9 million for land acquisition to provide more public open space)
  • Council-funded pensioner rates rebate increasing 4.8 per cent to $220
  • continuing business support offered under the Economic Recovery Package until June 2025
  • an extra $40,000 for food relief
  • most fees and charges increasing 3.65 per cent, 0.25 per cent above forecast inflation. Some will be higher and some lower to reflect reasonable user pays charges.


About the proposed changes to rates

Scroll through this page to read about two proposed changes to rates.

Proposal 1. Changes to Port Phillip rates

Each financial year, the Minister for Local Government sets a ‘rate cap’, which is the maximum amount councils are allowed to raise their rates for that year.

We are proposing to increase rates by 2.75 per cent in 2024/25. This is in line with the rate cap, is lower than the increase from 2023/24 and is less than forecast inflation.

It is important to note that the rate cap applies to the percentage increase in a council’s average general rate income. It does not apply to each property owner's rates notice.

At a Council meeting on 17 April 2024, councillors considered this proposed rate change, and decided to ask the community for feedback.

Proposal 2. Changes to rates for derelict and vacant land and unactivated retail land

We are considering increasing rates for certain land types which have a negative impact on the amenity of Port Phillip and that are not consistent with our Council Plan objectives.

Council currently charges different levels of rates for residential, commercial and industrial land types. The proposed changes include adding three additional categories, including:

  • derelict land
  • unactivated retail land
  • vacant land.

These new categories will be charged proportionally higher rates than other land types. Under this proposal, the rates for derelict land and unactivated retail land would be 400 per cent (or four times) higher than residential rates; and rates for vacant land would be 300 per cent (or three times) higher than residential rates.

These changes have been recommended to improve the local area’s vibrancy, amenity, and safety through disincentivising leaving land unused. It is also expected to promote more equitable rates distribution outcomes.

The proposed changes will not affect the total rates revenue raised each year, instead they will inform how rates are distributed between the different categories of land.

At a Council meeting on 17 April 2024, councillors considered this proposed rate change, and decided to ask the community for feedback.

Ways to get involved

  • Complete our online feedback form

    Tell us what you think via our online feedback form between 18 April and 13 May 2024. If you would prefer a hard copy, please contact us and we will send you one, or you can collect from St Kilda Town Hall (99a Carlisle St, St Kilda).

    (Please note: this form has now closed).

  • Speak to us in person

    Drop by one of our ‘Neighbourhood Conversation’ pop-up events around Port Phillip. Click here for details including locations, dates and times.

    (Please note: these events have now passed)

  • Ask us a question

    Ask for clarification about the draft Council Plan and Budget (Year 4) or proposed changes to rates. Click here to use our interactive Q&A tool.

    (Please note, this option has now closed).

Complete our online feedback form (now closed),

Complete our online feedback form to tell us what you think of the draft Council Plan and Budget (Year 4), as well as proposed changes to local rates.

Before you start, make sure you have viewed the draft Council Plan and Budget (Year 4) documents, as well as the information about the proposed changes to local rates presented on this page.

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