Provide your feedback from 20 April 2023

The Council Plan provides the ten-year strategy for the rollout of services, projects and initiatives that go to the heart of the health and wellbeing of our community.

It sets out the long-term vision for the City and aligns our key strategies with delivering on community priorities. It also identifies challenges that our community faces including changing customer expectations and needs, as well as future-proofing our growing City.

Each year we undertake a review of our Council Plan to determine whether strategic directions, initiatives and indicators require adjustment. We also develop an annual budget, which includes detail on capital and operating programs, and this year includes a review of some of our arts grants and programs.

As the Council Plan was adopted in 2021, this will be the Year 3 review of the Council Plan.

Join the conversation in April: we'll be receiving feedback from 20 April - 17 May 2023.

How your feedback will be used

Your feedback can help to shape:

  • The budget for the upcoming financial year: How Council allocates funds to various projects and initiatives to ensure they reflect community priorities.
  • The refreshed Council Plan for the upcoming financial year: Any changes outlined in the Council Plan, as well as indicators to ensure we can report effectively on the work we're doing.

Join the conversation

You can join the conversation in April and May to help shape the Council Plan Year 3 and Budget 2023-24.

There are several ways to join the conversation:

  • Complete the feedback form below: Opens 20 April 2023.
  • Chat to us in person: We'll popping up in various neighbourhoods to get your feedback (times and locations TBC).
  • Speak at the 7 June Council Meeting: Present your feedback to Councillors.

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