Project update - Council decision

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 6 March 2024, Council considered the trial outcome and decided on whether to permanently restrict right turn movement from Canterbury Road to Cowderoy Street between 4:30 – 6:30pm, Monday to Friday.

During the meeting, an alternative recommendation was motioned by Councillors:

That Council:

3.1 Ends the Cowderoy Street Right Turn Restriction Trial.
3.2 Removes the right turn restriction from Canterbury Road to Cowderoy Street and restores the intersection to its condition pre trial
3.3 Advises the community of the outcome of the trial, next steps, and thanks them for their contribution.

This motion was carried unanimously.

Officers will continue to monitor the conditions along Cowderoy Street.

Signage associated with the right turn restriction will be removed by late April.

We will update this page with Council Meeting minutes once they are available.

A map showing the proposed no right turn sign.