Thank you for participating in this consultation. We have now closed this consultation.

What will happen next?

Now that the trial has ended, Council officers will assess the feedback received by community members and prepare an engagement report for Councillor consideration.

  • The right turn ban signage will remain in place until a Council decision is made.
  • Officers will bring a report to Council in March 2024 for a decision on whether to permanently restrict right turn movement from Canterbury Road to Cowderoy Street between 4:30 – 6:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Council will continue to monitor all streets that may be affected by the right turn ban on Cowderoy Street should Council determine to make it permanent.

Project Background

Recent traffic data indicates that traffic volumes on Cowderoy Street exceed those expected for a local road. The proposed turning restriction trial is expected to ease congestion of southbound traffic turning into Cowderoy Street during weekday PM peak hours and improve safety for all road users.

Council endorsed a 6-month trial which started on 25 July 2023. During this trial traffic was restricted from turning right from Canterbury Road into Cowderoy Street, St Kilda West, between the hours of 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

The objectives of the trial were to:

  • Immediately reduce traffic volumes in Cowderoy Street.
  • Monitor impacts of any redirected traffic volumes on the surrounding road network and residents.
  • Identify any further traffic management requirements to manage wider traffic impacts from the turn ban.

A report was presented to Council at its 3 May 2023 Ordinary Meeting which provides an overview of the findings from the community engagement process, on the proposed right-turn bans into Cowderoy Street.

A summary of the feedback that was received during consultation is included in the Engagement report (PDF).

A copy of the Council minutes is available via Council’s website.

Council Officers:

  • Advised Council of the outcome of a community consultation for a proposed trial of a no right turn restriction 4:30 – 6:30pm, Monday to Friday from Canterbury Road to Cowderoy Street, St Kilda West.
  • Provided a recommendation to proceed with the trial.

Response from Council:

  • Council notes that there is community desire to resolve evening peak hour rat running in the St Kilda West Area.
  • Endorses a 6-month trial, between July – December 2023, of a no right turn restriction from 4:30 – 6:30pm, Monday to Friday from Canterbury Road to Cowderoy Street, St Kilda West.
  • Requests that officers evaluate the 6-month trial and provide a report to Council on traffic measures required to further reduce the evening peak rat running in the St Kilda West Area.
  • Requests officers continue to work with the Department of Transport Planning to find ways of keeping through traffic on declared roads (Canterbury Road) and away from the West Kilda Area.
  • Advises all residents that made submissions of Council’s resolution and thanks them for their contribution.

Outcome: A vote was taken, and the MOTION was CARRIED.

This survey has now closed. Council officers are now considering your feedback.

A map showing the proposed no right turn sign.