We have closed this consultation and are reviewing your feedback.

We are considering a 12-month trial restricting traffic turning right from Canterbury Road into Cowderoy Street, between the hours of 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

The objectives of the proposed trial are to:

  • Immediately reduce traffic volumes in Cowderoy Street.
  • Monitor impacts of any redirected traffic volumes on the surrounding road network and residents.
  • Identify any further traffic management requirements to manage wider traffic impacts from the turn ban.

What does this mean for the area?

Recent traffic data indicates that traffic volumes on Cowderoy Street exceed those expected for a local road. The proposed turning restriction trial is expected to ease congestion of southbound traffic turning into Cowderoy Street during weekday PM peak hours and improve safety for all road users.

A map showing the proposed no right turn sign.