Help us plan for when and where dogs could be off-leash

Thank you for all of your feedback. From December '22 until February '23, we heard from more than 2,000 people about what's working well where dogs are allowed off leash and where the challenges are. We are busy now analysing your responses to make sure they are integrated into the next stage of the project. We'll make sure the report is available to you as soon as possible. Click on the Follow button at the top of the page to receive project updates.

What's next?

We're preparing the engagement report and will make it available online for you to access. Then, we'll be shortlisting and recruiting members to our community panel. The community panel will help to develop the principles that will form the basis of the Dog Off Leash Guidelines.

We received 846 expressions of interest to take part in the panel and only have 30 places available. As an independent advisor looks through all of the applications, they'll be trying to make sure we have representation from as many different people as possible. This includes people of different ages, backgrounds, thoughts and interest in the project. This process might take some time, so we appreciate your patience.

When will a decision be made about the future of my local dog off-leash park?

We want to make sure that any changes are based on evidence and community need. That’s why restrictions at all current dog off leash parks and beaches will remain as they are until the Guidelines have been developed with your input.

We aim to complete the Guidelines by the end of 2023. Once developed, recommendations will be made on each site. Before making any changes, we will check back in with the community to ensure they reflect what our community wants.

Project Background

There are over 8,000 registered dogs living in Port Phillip. Many of our public spaces and beaches provide space for dogs to be off leash, however we are hearing from our community that what we have is no longer suitable. Our City is also growing, and with limited public space and an increasing population, we need clear guidelines to plan the best ways to accommodate our residents and their pets, without impacting other park and beach users.

Through the project, there will be a number of different opportunities for the community to be involved:

  • Dec 2022 - Feb 2023: Consultation to understand the community’s views on dogs in public spaces, including the key issues
  • Mid 2023: Community panel to advise on the development of the principles in the Guidelines
  • Late 2023: Consultation on the Draft Guidelines and any potential changes to off leash areas

The Dog Off-Leash Guidelines will help to provide clear directions on the provision, distribution, design and management of dog facilities in public open spaces. We are also reviewing our current restrictions and off-leash areas to ensure they reflect the needs of all our community.


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