The Domain Precinct is experiencing rapid change due to several large projects, including the construction of Anzac Station as part of the Metro Tunnel Project (MTP).

To capitalise on these opportunities and protect and enhance what you value about Domain, we've developed a Public Realm Masterplan (Masterplan) for the precinct.

The Masterplan was adopted by Council at an Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 18 September 2019. To view the Council Report, attachments and minutes, visit the September 2019 Meetings & Agendas webpage


The Masterplan proposes a range of improvements to the Domain Precinct's public realm, including footpaths, roads, trees and streetscapes. It is made up of:

  • a vision for the precinct
  • a historical and contemporary context
  • an urban context analysis
  • a summary of the community engagement process to date
  • plans, sections and images that detail the proposed improvements
  • suggested steps for implementing the Masterplan
  • funding opportunities.

The Masterplan, developed through three stages of community engagement during 2018/19, demonstrates how the community’s vision and design principles can create a well-designed and connected precinct.


Further steps are required to take the projects described in the Masterplan forward to deliver physical changes in the precinct.

Detailed design of projects identified in the Masterplan will involve feasibility and site analysis to prepare construction-ready designs. Delivery is dependent on the availability of funding and prioritisation of the project in Council's Annual Budget.

The Masterplan will also be used to inform Council's other strategic projects, such as the Public Space Strategy and ongoing advocacy with key stakeholders.

Supporting documents

Visit our website at to view the various technical reports that informed the Masterplan.

Questions or feedback?

Drop us an email at or speak to the project team via ASSIST on 03 9209 6777.

Artist's impression of the Park Street Link project.

Artist's impression of the Park Street Link project.