Council is custodian of $3.6 billion worth of community assets. This includes buildings, land, infrastructure assets like roads, footpaths, underground drainage pipes, trees, vegetation, art, library books, and IT equipment. Our asset management plan (which is called the ‘Enterprise Asset Management Plan’ or EAMP) guides how we look after our City’s assets on behalf of our community.

A significant portion of Council’s budget each year is spent on looking after, operating, improving, and growing these assets. The EAMP helps to ensure we can continue to deliver services and preserve and maintain these assets – like parks, buildings, trees, roads and playgrounds – that people use and expect to be in good condition, for today and the future.

Putting our community first, we want to ensure that we’re spending ratepayers’ money effectively, by spending on what is important for our community, and ensuring that our assets are fit for purpose. The EAMP provides the roadmap to deliver on that commitment.

The proposed expenditure on maintenance, renewal, upgrade and new infrastructure in the EAMP is reflected in the draft Budget, which means that this will be updated to reflect any changes to service levels as detailed in the final Budget, after completion of the community engagement process. The proposed expenditure on our assets is designed to achieve Council’s Asset Management Policy outcomes of assets that: are fit for purpose, provide community benefit, respond to environmental sustainability targets, are financially sustainable, and achieve advanced asset management practice.