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The Council Plan provides a strong foundation for the continuing rollout of services, projects and initiatives that go to the heart of the health and wellbeing of our community.

It sets out the long-term vision for the City and aligns our key strategies with delivering on community priorities. It also identifies challenges that our municipality faces including changing customer expectations and needs, future-proofing our growing City and waste management.

Each year we undertake a review of our Council Plan to determine whether strategic directions, initiatives and indicators require adjustment. We also develop an annual Budget, which includes detail on capital and operating programs.

Year Two of the Council Plan focused on a review of our rating strategy and waste management strategies, to inform development of Budget 2022/23.

You can read a summary of updates to the Council Plan 2021-31 Year 2 here.

Council indicators provide a snapshot of our performance each year. They are reviewed annually to ensure targets are realistic and aspirational, adjust any language that may be unclear, and add any new measures that support the picture of our performance as a Council. In an effort to resume pre-pandemic levels in 2022/23, targets for the most part have not been altered from those of 2021/22.

Updates have been made to ensure the language and metric for each indicator is expressed correctly. For 2022/23 we have also included the frequency in which each indicator can be measured to provide clarity over when we will be reporting on them. Indicators are reported on in the monthly CEO report and Annual Report.

Council indicator targets for 2022/23 are under review while this document is in draft and indicators in this plan that are dependent on ABS Census 2021 data will be updated in the final version to be presented to Council in June 2022.

As we complete ‘Year One’ of this plan, there are initiatives that have been completed or we have more certainty about. For example, if they are contingent on external funding agreements, planning provisions, or completion of a strategic piece of work or investigation. The following table shows changes have been made to our initiatives in order of strategic direction, these do not include minor changes made to improve the language and descriptors used.