In July and August 2020 we asked our community what they value most about the Elwood foreshore area, and to tell us what they think are the most important opportunities to ensure it remains a great place to visit.

During the consultation we received:

  • 279 responses to the online Have Your Say survey
  • 31 responses on social media
  • 1,328 unique page visitors

What you told us

All views have been considered as part of the consultation process. Below are a summary of the key themes:

What you value

  • the beach
  • open spaces
  • pedestrian track
  • water-based activities
  • cycling track

How you described Elwood Foreshore's personality

  • humble and authentic
  • laid back
  • friendly/ welcoming / inclusive
  • tired and worn

What you would like to change about Elwood’s personality

  • nature friendliness
  • a more contemporary feel
  • vibrancy/excitement

Many participants expressed a desire to see no change or simply better upkeep, similarly other participants stated that they would like to see some changes, to a small or moderate scale.

Opportunities for improvement

These opportunities were identified as the highest priorities:

  • Enhance the natural landscape and vegetation, maintaining important visual corridors and open spaces.
  • Water sensitive urban design to manage and improve the quality of stormwater entering the bay.
  • Alleviate conflict between pedestrians, bike riders and vehicles.
  • Redesigned buildings that are appropriately sited, designed, attractive and cost effective.

Opportunities you would like to see

Listed below are some additional opportunities you proposed, including but not limited to:

  • more food and drink options
  • focus on the beach and water-based activities
  • provision of a swimming pontoon
  • recognition/involvement of local Indigenous community
  • publicly accessible change rooms for foreshore users
  • enabling safe swimming
  • using existing open space areas for other purposes.

Next steps

Using this feedback we are now developing a preliminary concept plan, which will

inform the next stage of the project.

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