The South Melbourne Structure Plan will ensure that future development and change is well-managed and meets the needs of the community. Planning controls will be reviewed and updated to improve clarity and consistency.

Click on the ideas below for a summary of each idea from the Discussion Paper. Further information about how the structure plan could deliver Quality Buildings is in the Discussion Paper.

Ideas for Quality Buildings in South Melbourne

Ensure new development responds positively to South Melbourne’s character, protecting and building on its valued qualities.

Developing an approach to ensure new buildings are designed to positively contribute to the character and life of South Melbourne, to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Ensuring building height is appropriate
  • Maintaining a mix of building types, styles and ages
  • Incorporating upper storey setbacks that allow views of the sky
  • Respecting heritage buildings and residential areas
  • Maintaining sunlight to parks and key streets
  • Provide frontages at the ground level that add interest, life and vitality to the street
  • Prioritise laneways to service buildings, including providing vehicle access and car parking
  • Provide space for vegetation, including green walls and green roofs (urban greening)
  • Mitigate flood impacts, especially where buildings meet public spaces.

Improve how buildings respond to flood risk while also ensuring they are engaging and accessible at the ground floor.