Help us plan for the future of South Melbourne

The City of Port Phillip is preparing a new South Melbourne Structure Plan.

A structure plan will establish a long term vision and actions to manage change. This long-term plan will help prepare South Melbourne for the future and how we respond to challenges such as climate change, population growth and COVID-19.

Project update

Thank you for your participation in Future South Melbourne.

Following Council endorsement in early 2023, we ran focus groups on the draft Built Form Design Objectives and Character Statements and Public Realm Framework Objectives, to understand how the Structure Plan can support the design of new buildings and public spaces. 'Built form' refers to the design of buildings, including their height, volume, overall shape and appearance. 'Public realm' refers to public spaces, including streets, laneways, parks and open space.

In September and October 2022, we asked you for feedback on the key directions and ideas presented in the South Melbourne Structure Plan Discussion Paper. The Discussion Paper was based on feedback we heard directly from the community in 2021 and is informed by a shared vision for South Melbourne based on your ideas and aspirations. Click the boxes below to learn more about the vision and ideas in the Discussion Paper.

We heard from over 400 people during this phase of the project. Council considered a report at its 8 December 2022 meeting where it noted the findings of the Phase 2 community engagement. We will use this information to inform the draft South Melbourne Structure Plan, which we will seek feedback once it is ready in mid-2023.

You can read about the Built Form Design Objectives and Character Statements, Public Realm Framework Objectives and recent Future South Melbourne Phase 2 community engagement in the report considered by Council on 8 December 2022.

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South Melbourne Structure Plan study area. The South Melbourne Structure Plan study area includes the South Melbourne retail and employment area, and surrounds.

Map image of the South Melbourne Structure Plan study area