The South Melbourne Structure Plan will focus on strengthening the valued qualities of the area that make South Melbourne a memorable experience to live, work and visit. South Melbourne is a place for all members of the community, where people feel supported and comfortable being themselves and expressing their identities.

Click on the ideas below for a summary of each idea from the Discussion Paper. Further information about how the structure plan could deliver Quality Experiences is in the Discussion Paper.

Ideas for Quality Experiences in South Melbourne

Plant more trees in streets to address South Melbourne’s lower number of trees, mitigate the urban heat island effect, contribute to local amenity and improve the local environment.

To maintain the broad range of businesses and industries located in South Melbourne that contribute to its economy of local and regional significance, by investigating how to encourage affordable workspaces, grow the creative economy and better integrate with the South Melbourne Market.

Building on South Melbourne’s specialisation in creative industries, explore how creative industries could be supported in South Melbourne, including investigating how to establish a live music precinct.

Explore how to create streets that are comfortable, delightful and safe, potentially facilitating a network of priority pedestrian streets that are accessible for everyone.

Review the requirements on how new development is to protect sunlight to public spaces, particularly which spaces should be prioritised and when sunlight access is most important.

Seek to improve the accessibility of tram stops, whilst minimising negative impacts on streets.

Explore how to improve pedestrian and bike connections between the study area and key destinations outside the study area for example, Southbank, Melbourne Central City, Fishermans Bend, St Kilda Road and the new ANZAC Station.

Seek to improve pedestrian amenity and accessibility along and across Kings Way and to provide for street trees and other landscaping.