This consultation has now closed. Thank you for your feedback. 

The Homelessness Action Strategy was adopted at a Council meeting on 14 April.

Thank you for your feedback and ideas on the draft five year plan to address the issue of homelessness during our consultation earlier this year.

This is what we heard from you:

  • “ CoPP focus on prevention and early intervention as an action and strategy to address homelessness and promote inclusion and community connectedness, especially for vulnerable people is a good approach”
  • “ Homes before housing stress and homelessness-I agree with theme 4 –focussing on prevention and early intervention-I have two friends in their 50’s in housing stress so there needs to be responses. Also could link National Homeless Week and Annual Homeless Memorial to Gatwick Christmas Street Party and St Kilda Festival”
  • “ CoPP has done a great job in addressing multi-layered issue of homelessness, wish other councils would too”
  • “Disappointed stats were from 2011 as a basis of measurement-would like to see more recent data and whether high levels of development in CoPP have had a further effect on homelessness and strain on community and its residents”
  • “Such a complex issue –one that the federal government should properly address. St Kilda was once working class lower economic neighbourhood that is now gentrified but easy access will mean that it is always a haven for the dispossessed“
  • Good to see Port Phillip attacking this situation, should be their first priority. Action rather than interminable discussions preferable”
As part of the Homelessness Action Strategy 2015-2020, Council will work with local support agencies to record the number of people who are turned away from their services and can’t be assisted due to lack of available crisis accommodation, support and affordable housing.

The Homelessness Action Strategy 2015-2020 affirms Council’s commitment to preventing homelessness, reducing the time people spend homeless, connecting people to support services and advocating to state and federal governments on the issue. The complete strategy can be viewed here.


What do you think of these themes and the associated actions and measurements?

Any other comments about the strategy…

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