Consultation has concluded

Thank you for your feedback

The fitness station at Moran Reserve is now completed and open to the public. The upgrade, based on feedback from residents, park users, fitness groups and industry leaders, has provided 12 pieces of modern fitness equipment.

What you told us

There were two rounds of consultation carried out online via Have Your Say. In January 2014 we asked the community on their thoughts of upgrading the fitness facilities at Moran Reserve.

We had 39 initial responses with suggestions on equipment, facilities and improvements.

90% of the respondents were in favour of upgrading the fitness station, improving the equipment and facilities.

In the second round of consultation in July 2015, the council provided a concept drawing of the newly proposed fitness station with upgraded equipment and additional facilities such as seats, signage, water fountain and bins.

The concept design was based on feedback from residents,park users, industry groups and manufacturers of fitness equipment.

647 online site visits with 64 responses providing positive feedback saying that the council listened to the requests and made suitable changes to the design, function and aesthetic of the fitness space. Thank you to all who participated in the consultation process.

See here the final plan based on the feedback from all stakeholders.