Installation of signage to assist locating addresses in Howe Crescent,
South Melbourne

The consultation period for the proposal to upgrade signage for Howe Crescent, South Melbourne has concluded.

We received six submissions from owners and residents. The feedback we received along with our discussions with Ambulance Victoria have informed Council’s decision on how to move forward.

To clarify some points:

  • the purpose of the proposal was to upgrade signage to improve the ability for visitors, in particular emergency services such as Ambulance Victoria, to locate homes
  • house numbers will not change
  • going out for Community Engagement and advertising a Public Notice for 30 days was mandatory and part of a legislative process
  • Emergency Services were specific with what signage they required to ensure personnel can reach incidences quickly and efficiently

In order to assist with street and house location Council will install additional signage:

1. At the end of Howe Crescent, South Melbourne; “50 to 53 Howe Crescent, access via footpath”

Location of signage installation on footpath street parking signs facing Bridport Street – “50 to 53 Howe Crescent, access via footpath”

2. Install signage below street parking signs facing Bridport Street; “50 to 53 Howe Crescent, access via footpath”.

Location of plaque which will be installed on the front fence of 50A, 50B, 51, 52, 53 Howe Crescent

3. Howe Crescent signage will be placed more prominently pointing in the correct direction