Aerial image of Nelson St, St Kilda

To Owners and Occupiers,

RE: Discussion regarding proposal to rename “Nelson Street, St Kilda”

Council contacted you as you are the current owner/occupier of a residence in Nelson St, St Kilda. Emergency Services have had trouble locating incidents in your street and they have requested Council investigate options to improve this.

Background and concerns

Nelson St, St Kilda is a fairly new street and came about as a result of the municipal boundary change in 1994. Before this “Nelson Street” resided within the City of Prahran (now City of Stonnington).

There are four streets within a 5kms radius that are called ‘Nelson’:

  • Nelson Street, St Kilda (8 properties)
  • Nelson Street, Balaclava (115 properties)
  • Nelson Road, South Melbourne (187 properties)
  • Nelson Place, South Melbourne (22 properties)

Feedback from the recent 30 day Community Engagement process confirmed some residents currently experience problems with couriers, contractors and Uber drivers.

Adding ‘West’ to the address raised concerns that it would further confuse visitors eg. Nelson St West, St Kilda could be mistaken for Nelson St, West St Kilda.

Suggested solution

To rename the street from Nelson Street to an appropriate name that is not plicated within a 5kms radius

The new name must be linked to place. For example there was a suggestion to name the street ‘Seekers Way’ as The Seekers used to have their HQ at 26 Nelson St before selling it in 2017. This is just an example and would need to be approved by Geographic Names Victoria.

Council will work with the St Kilda Historical Society to research other names. We also encourage the local community to submit other options for consideration.

How renaming would affect you?

Most of the administration regarding contacting utilities and government authorities will be done by Council on your behalf.

Council will ensure all authorized mapping systems are updated. By doing so, all utility and service companies will be contacted and changes made accordingly.

What are the next steps?

  1. We’d like to hear from you in the next few weeks. Please share your feedback with us by Friday 14 June 2024.
  2. If the majority of owners & occupiers support the idea of a complete name change, a number of names will be provided for you to vote on
  3. A mandatory 30 day Community Engagement period will follow
  4. You will be notified of outcome
  5. Outcome will be actioned

Do I have to respond?

You do not need to respond if you are happy to proceed without input.

If you would like more information or you would like to provide feedback, you can complete the survey above by pressing the 'Start' button in the blue box, or feel free to use one of the other feedback options listed above.