We’re making the Sandridge Bay Trail safe for all

Council is undertaking an upgrade to the area around the Bay Trail at Sandridge beach to create a safer area for all to enjoy.

We’ve heard from our community that there are some safety concerns in the area. This includes how pedestrians, cyclists and cars move around the space and interact with each other.

Whilst we have been able to address some of these concerns with smaller safety works already, there is now an opportunity to make more comprehensive improvements to resolve underlying community concerns.

The safety concerns already identified by our community are:

  • Cyclists riding on pedestrian only paths
  • Bus stop shelter creating a visual and physical barrier for path users
  • Pedestrians and bike riders share narrow paths along The Boulevard creating congestion and collision risk
  • Conflict between drivers, bike riders and pedestrians at Sandridge Life Saving Club carpark entrance
  • Intersecting pedestrian and bike rider path risks
  • Overgrown shrubs impacting sightlines and safety for path users
  • Inadequate lighting along the bike path
  • Vehicles illegally accessing the foreshore reserve and beach (often with jet ski/PWC trailers)

Please provide your feedback by Sunday 16 April on the form below.

Addressing safety concerns

Click on each marker for some information on how we plan to address safety concerns