Civic Heart

The Civic Heart is a completely new public gathering space located at the southern end of the marina, opening up and creating 2,000m2 of public open space. The Civic Heart is designed to encourage social gatherings and experiences by catering for a diversity of uses that complements the waterfront setting. We’d like you to tell us how you want to use this space. It could be anything from programmed events adapted to suit the seasons to quiet contemplation, markets, art installations, sporting activities and other uses that inspire individuals or groups.

The space will include a rolling grassed performance area, a small stage, shelter and shade. The site will be powered and include support infrastructure to encourage activity.

The location of the Civic Heart will replace the existing parking at the water’s edge and the traffic congestion that currently occurs in that area. Car and trailer traffic will be rerouted away from the water, improving access to the boat ramp and ensuring this key feature remains rooted to the operations of our working marina. The Bay Trail will also be relocated from this area to outside the marina. Enhanced road, path and ramp markings will provide a safe and secure environment for all.

Moran Reserve

Moran Reserve is immediately adjacent the south side of the marina. It is a coastal park that accommodates a range of passive and active uses. The reserve is popular with fitness groups utilising the wide-open space and fitness facilities. It is also utilised for kite flying, kite carting and practice for kite surfing.

Currently, a licence with Sky Dive Melbourne allows the reserve to be used for sky dive landings, an important attraction in St Kilda. The office and training facility for Sky Dive Melbourne is located at the marina. Sky diving will continue to be a prime attraction for the area.

The City of Port Phillip and the Victorian Government have recently allocated funding to create a fully fenced dog off-leash area at Moran Reserve immediately adjacent the marina carpark. The project is currently in a design phase, with construction planned to commence in October 2021 and end prior to Christmas this year.

The redevelopment of the marina intends to significantly improve its integration with Moran Reserve and improve the overall interconnection with the St Kilda and Elwood foreshore.

We’d like to get your ideas on how to better integrate these two spaces.

Carpark activation and use

There are opportunities to activate sections of carpark during off peak seasons (April – September), extending the community use of the Civic Heart right across to Moran Reserve providing a community space from the marina and beyond.

Removing carparking at the water’s edge on the southern side of the marina will allow the public to engage with retail, food and beverage offerings as well as the waterfront itself. We’re looking for your ideas as to how we can make better use of the carpark during the off-peak season.

The new design for the marina, will allow for marina members to park in a separate and secure area integrated with the dry-stack once all stages of the development are complete.

Civic heart and carpark image