Thank you for you interest in this project. Stage three community consultation has concluded.

'A special place on the foreshore for everyone that welcomes a diversity of sustainable uses anchored by a working marina.' St Kilda Marina site vision

The 50-year lease of the St Kilda Marina is ending on 30 April 2019. This presents an exciting opportunity to plan for the marina’s future before a new long-term lease arrangement is secured. Council is committed to working with the Victorian Government, community, users of the marina and other key stakeholders to re-imagine the St Kilda Marina site.

In Stage Three of the St Kilda Marina project, Council worked with a Community Panel and engaged with the broader community to determine parameters (design criteria) for the site's key components. The outcomes of these engagement activities are detailed in the Stage Three Community Engagement Report. The design criteria will be a major component of the Site Brief, which the project team is now developing to guide future site development and lease requirements.

The work to procure a new long-term lease arrangement for the site is outlined in the Project Approach.

Community Panel Update

The St Kilda Marina Project Community Panel has come to an end, with its final session and presentation to Council on 10 December 2019. You can read the session summary and view the highlights of the Panel's final session in this video.

Interim Lease

An interim lease arrangement is required to cover the gap between the expiry of the existing lease in April 2019 and the commencement of a new long-term lease arrangement at the St Kilda Marina.

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 3 April, Council resolved to enter into a three-year lease agreement with Australian Marinas (A/Asia) Pty Ltd, the current lease holder of St Kilda Marina. You can read the Council Report, Project Approach, Submissions and a Response to the Submissions on the April 2019 Council Meetings page.

Council authorised the Chief Executive Officer (or delegate) to seek approval from the Governor in Council, in accordance with the St Kilda Land Act 1965, and execute the new lease agreement.

The three-year lease will enable continuity at the Marina while Council works to deliver the future vision for the site through a new long-term lease arrangement .

Council advised of its intention to provide an interim lease to the current lease holder in a public notice published in the Port Phillip Leader on 12 February 2019, and on this webpage. Seven submissions were received during the consultation period and several interested parties spoke to their submissions at the Council Meeting on 20 March 2019.

For more information about the interim lease, view the FAQ's (on the upper right side of this webpage) and the Documents library (bottom right of this webpage).

For more information please contact the project team via ASSIST on 03 9209 6777 or email You can also email us to sign up for project updates.