As a working marina, we will continue to provide all the required space and facilities to launch and retrieve boats from the public boat ramp The public boat ramp will be retained in the existing location however it will be a smoother experience to use this area with the introduction of marked turn around bays and direct “drive thru” access to the trailer parking area post-launch.

The concept design of the area has removed or redirected cycling, pedestrian and vehicle traffic conflicts where possible, ensuring the best and most efficient way to launch and retrieve boats for boat ramp users. There will be a new designated area for managing boat retrievals from the harbour and cleaning, so people can remove their boat from the ramp quickly, allowing other boat trailers faster access, minimising wait times during high-traffic periods.

The implementation of digital systems, including number plate recognition, will eliminate past problems that required multiple payments if you needed to go through the boom gates multiple times during boat set up and retrieval in the one day.

A state of the art boat fueling station will replace the existing at the mouth of the marina as well as the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.

A major renovation will see a whole new leading-edge wet berth arrangement, replacing the current timber pontoons with all new concrete pontoons with integrated power, water and sewer metering and monitoring.

The new wet berth design will be reoriented to be mounted on the peninsula side of the marina. The reorientation focuses member parking to a smaller designated and secure area next to the dry-stack on the peninsula. The other edges of the marina will open up to public berthing with platforms to tie up, encouraging day visitors to the area. The harbour fairway will run along the Marine Parade edge of the marina, with public berthing, providing opportunities for boaters to stop and pick up friends and family, grab a bite to eat or stop in to relax along the water’s edge.

Public boat ramp and berthing areas