Earlier this year, we asked for your feedback on the draft Vision and Principles to help develop a bold and innovative Urban Forest Strategy.

Now we’re presenting insights from this feedback through a series of workshops!

During the workshop, we will share results from our recent community engagement and more detailed analysis of our urban forest, and you can expect collaborative activities to help shape our Urban Forest Strategy and opportunities to share your thoughts.

Register to attend a workshop below!

The in-person workshops have a limited capacity so attendees have an opportunity to fully participate.

Please RSVP by midnight on 16 October 23, so we can ensure we have enough materials and refreshments for everyone.

If you have any questions, please contact us at greening@portphillip.vic.gov.au.

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A draft Vision and Principles for the new Urban Forest Strategy!

Together, these will set the foundation for the actions we will take to further green Port Phillip. This is an important first step in developing a bold and innovative Urban Forest Strategy, and is based on robust research, analysis and key stakeholder input. We’ve developed five draft Principles that will guide how we make decisions and what actions we choose:

In the City of Port Phillip, urban greening is healthy and abundant, biodiversity is valued and supported, and nature connects community.

1. We work together to value, protect, grow and care for healthy and sustainable greening everywhere.

2. We retain first, respecting established character, and adapt by adding more resilient plant species where they are most needed to reduce heat and flood vulnerabilities.

3. We prioritise biodiversity, supporting healthy ecosystems and establishing wildlife corridors.

4. We invest in thriving integrated urban greening in streetscapes, buildings and gardens.

5. We value the urban forest as a long-term asset that is critical to the health and wellbeing of our community and to our city’s character and function, through quality design, construction and maintenance.”

What we've done so far

In May, we held a Mayor’s Roundtable with key stakeholders representing local environmental groups, business, older people, young people, and cultural heritage to get early input into the challenges, ideas and aspirations to green Port Phillip.

Our specialist consultants also prepared a detailed Background and Benchmarking Report which provides a solid evidence and research base that considers our local context, benchmarking and best practice.

And we used the latest technology to map and analyse our current tree canopy coverage.

In July and August, we invited the whole community to work with us as we develop the new strategy. We asked our community:

  • Do you support the draft Vision and Principles?
  • How do you think we can green our public land and private land?
  • How much tree canopy cover should we aim for, and what are you willing to change to achieve it?
  • Which actions would you support Council taking to help green Port Phillip, and what actions are you personally likely to take?
  • Do you have a BIG idea to green a space near you?

The feedback we received will help us make sure we’ve set a good foundation for the Urban Forest Strategy and inform the next stage of engagement.

Do you have a vision for transforming a particular place in your neighbourhood? Show us or tell us what that might look like.

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