Consultation has now ended. Thank you to all those who provided feedback.

Work will now begin on reviewing your feedback and preparing an engagement summary report.

About the draft Concept Plan for the Gasworks Arts Park Upgrade

Council is planning upgrades to Gasworks Arts Park to meet the needs of our changing and growing community. We are keen to hear your thoughts on the new features and any improvements you’d like to see added to the design.

The upgrade of the Gasworks Arts Park will ensure that this open space retains its 'bushland character', supporting a diverse range of uses and functions while providing a safe, welcoming environment which meets the needs of people’s physical, social and mental health.

After community engagement in 2022, a draft Concept Plan has been developed by a landscape designer.

The design seeks to:

  • Retain the existing character unique to Gasworks Arts Park.
  • Celebrate the cultural and historic setting of the park.
  • Retain the bushland character of the park, provide biodiversity and relief from the surrounding urban settings.
  • Respond to the Contamination Management Framework by ensuring adequate surface cover to contaminated soils, preventing access to these soils by park users and accommodating ongoing uses of the park.
  • Improve how the park functions across it’s multiple commercial and recreational uses.
  • Ensure the park caters for all ages and abilities.
  • Celebrate the influence of art and the artist community by retaining existing artwork and providing opportunities for additional local art contributions.

Key features of the draft concept plan include:

  • Adjustments to pathways to improve access for all users and maintain the bushland experience.
  • Revised plaza layout to activate the space for market and non-market days.
  • New 'nature play' sculpture pieces.
  • 3,700m2 of new garden bed and 550 new trees proposed.
  • Removal of tree and shrubs that have been identified to be in decline.
  • Upgrades to furniture, lighting, signage and drainage.
  • Establishing a planted buffer to the new school site.

A new playground is also being installed as part of a wider project in this park, and details can be found in the section below.

Gasworks Park Upgrade Project

Council presented the Gasworks Park Draft Park Plan to the community in April 2022.

Engagement activities included:

  • two pop-ups at the reserve,
  • a survey for residents and park users,
  • meetings with key stakeholders.

The engagement summary report is available on this page.

Gasworks Park Playground Project

In addition, Council presented a draft concept plan for a new playground to the community in June 2023. Engagement activities included:

  • two pop-ups at the reserve,
  • a survey for residents and park users,
  • meetings with key stakeholders including a student workshop at Albert Park Primary and discussion session with Albert Park College.

Information received from the community consultation has been considered when finalising the playground design. In response to the feedback, the design now includes:

  • Fencing to separate the new playground from the market plaza.
  • Access to the playground via entry gates.
  • Large shade umbrellas, positioned over the junior play structure and junior swings to allow for immediate shade due to heat emanating from the wall.
  • Monkey bars, an additional climbing net, and a shop front to the junior play structure.
  • Rocks and logs have been adjusted to create more meaningful play opportunities for children in the nature play zones.
  • Two sculptures, designed by a local Gasworks artist, to be located in the nature-play areas of the new playground.

The engagement summary report and final design are available in the document library.

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