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We want to make it easy for people to move, connect and live in our City.

The Move, Connect, Live 2018-2028 Strategy was developed using research, analysis and your community feedback. It establishes how we will respond to the challenges facing our City together to make it easier for people to move around and connect with places in a way that suits them.

The challenge

The City of Port Phillip is growing, with our population expected to increase 25 per cent by 2028. More and more we’re going to feel the effects of this growth on our streets. There will be increased competition for on-street car parks, public transport, spaces for people to socialise and exchange goods.

If we continue to travel the same way we do today, our streets will have to carry an additional 72,000 private car trips and 21,000 additional trips by other transport modes every day.

The strategy

We need to fit more people into the same amount of space without impacting the things we value most.

We want a City where residents, workers and visitors have lots of travel choices that support our quality of life, health and wellbeing.

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