We have been working closely with the tenants of The Vineyard Restaurant on Acland Street, St Kilda to develop proposed designs for the upgrade of the site. The upgrades will improve the building, its functionality, and its amenities.

The draft design extends beyond the current lease boundary, which means a new lease is required.

To ensure the proposed design and new lease meet the needs of the community, we asked the community for feedback on the draft design.

Next steps.

Feedback from this consultation will be presented at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Wednesday 6 November, from 6.30pm at South Melbourne Town Hall.

The council report summarises the findings from the community consultation activities, undertaken from August to September 2019, regarding the proposed redevelopment designs and new lease, and outlines the feedback received on social media, ‘Have Your Say' survey page and at the drop-in information sessions.

You can:

Read the Council Report on the Council Meetings page

Attend the Council Meeting and request to speak about this Council Report. Find out how to request to speak at a Council Meeting.

Council Officers will engage with Councillors and the tenants of The Vineyard Restaurant to discuss the findings of the community engagement activities and any final communications received following the presentation of this report.

In early 2020, Council Officers will present a report to Council responding to the results of the engagement and recommending next steps.

Feedback from this consultation will be presented to the tenant to help inform detailed designs before they commence the development approval (DA) process.

You will have more opportunity to provide feedback at the DA stage.

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Redevelopment views of The Vineyard

The images show views of the redevelopment from Acland Street and O'Donnell Gardens. Detailed designs can be accessed using the buttons below.

View the detailed design

Survey is now closed

We'd like to know your thoughts on the proposed upgrades to The Vineyard Restaurant, alongside any feedback you might have on the revised lease conditions.


What do you think of the proposed look and feel of the redevelopment design?

The proposed redevelopment includes an increase in size. The building would increase to two levels and the ground floor would extend towards O’Donnell Gardens. The upstairs will provide an over view of what are considered undesirable and unsafe dark spaces around the island venue. Space was also required to make up what was lost due to the discovery of an underground drain that could no longer be built on.

New lease conditions

As part of the proposed redevelopment, Council is offering the tenant a new 15-year lease with a non-assignment period of 10 years. Non-assignment means the lease cannot be transferred to another tenant during this time.

Other proposed key conditions for the lease include:

  • Market rent.
  • Lease term – 15 years has been agreed between parties.
  • A landlord contribution to the proposed redevelopment of 50 per cent of the amount of the building works exceeding $1 million to a maximum of $600,000.
  • Maintenance of the property resides with the tenant, with the exception of Essential Safety Measures.
  • The tenant must provide a community benefit as part of this proposed redevelopment.

How satisfied are you with the proposed lease terms?

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What is your connection to The Vineyard Restaurant?

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