Draft design drawings are provided below to show the proposed layout and building footprint. Click on the glowing circles for more information. Alternatively download the PDF.

What's included in the design?

The venue is being upgraded so that it can provide improved food, beverage and live music facilities to the community.

Features that ensure the venue complies with regulatory and planning codes need to be incorporated into the new design. This includes requirements around reducing noise, food preparation and disability concerns.

The proposed redevelopment of The Vineyard includes:

  • an additional level.
  • a servery facing onto O’Donnell Gardens. Alcohol will not be available from the servery.
  • an expansion of the current footprint which also incorporates the existing public toilets.

The proposed design seeks to:

  • improve the connection between O’Donnell Gardens and Shakespeare Grove.
  • improve pedestrian movement and access around the venue.
  • improve surveillance of the car park/gardens.
  • reduce noise.

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The Vineyard Restaurant draft design: Ground floor plan

The draft designs for The Vineyard redevelopment can be found on this page. Click on the glowing circles for more information.

Draft design for the ground floor of The Vineyard Restaurant

First floor plan

First floor plan of the draft Vineyard design

Roof plan

Design showing the roof plan for The Vineyard Restaurant redesign

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